Tiranga Events

Tiranga Events, known for its vibrant and engaging festivities, has once again captured the imagination of the public with its latest offering:

Tiranga Events

‘Mysterious Bonus Random Gifts’. As attendees wander through the vividly decorated venue, adorned in the tricolors of the Indian flag, they are enveloped in an aura of mystery and excitement. At random intervals, guests are delighted by unexpected gifts, each uniquely wrapped in shimmering papers and ribbons, adding an element of surprise to the already electric atmosphere.

These gifts, ranging from traditional Indian handicrafts to modern gadgets, are carefully curated to not only awe but also provide a memorable keepsake of the event. The air is thick with anticipation as participants mingle, share laughs, and eagerly speculate about the next round of surprises.

Amidst this, the underlying theme of unity and diversity, much like the colors of the Tiranga, resonates strongly, making the event not just a celebration, but a beautiful embodiment of cultural harmony and shared joy.

Joy From Heaven Tiranga Events

Unknown gifts will be given to all members of Tiranga Events regularly as part of an exciting new program. This will make sure that everyone, including those who have just enrolled, is included in this enjoyable experience.

A range of unexpected incentives, carefully chosen to meet the varied interests of their community, are promised by this exclusive program. Whether you’ve been a member for a while or are just joining, you’ll be just as qualified for these surprising benefits. By being inclusive, the group not only strengthens its sense of community but also creates a sense of excitement and expectation as members look forward to seeing these lovingly designed, yet randomly selected, gifts.

Note: The registered account information must be complete, and correct.

  1. All Tiranga discounts are specially designed for players. If any group or individual is found to have dishonestly taken company bonuses or any threats or abuse of company discounts, the company reserves the right to freeze or cancel the account balance of the group or individual’s rights.
  2. If members have any disputes about the Events, to ensure the interest of both parties and prevent identity theft, Tiranga has the right to ask members to provide us with sufficient and valid documents to confirm whether they are eligible for the discounts.
  3. Tiranga reserves the right of the final interpretation of the events; as well as the right to modify and terminate the events without notice, applicable to all company events.

Mysterious gifts cannot apply to our customer service, they will automatically be added to a member’s tiranga account or the linked bank account in the game.

Note: The members who have received gifts will be notified through a personal message in the member center.

Tiranga Games

Tiranga Events


At Tirangagames, we believe in upholding the values of fair play and honesty in all our events. We have a strict policy against any misuse of company bonuses or abuse of discounts. Any such violation may lead to account suspension or cancellation, as we take the integrity of our events seriously.

If any of our members have disputes regarding the events, we may require them to provide valid documents to verify their eligibility for discounts. This is to ensure that the events are conducted fairly and securely and that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in them.

Furthermore, we want to be transparent with our members about our policies, and that is why we retain the final say in the interpretation of these events. In certain cases, we may need to modify or terminate an event, but we will always strive to give prior notice to our members.